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Selling your home can be overwhelming. It can be not only an emotional experience but also, a time-consuming one.

If you have been considering selling your home, but do not know where to start, no worries, give us a call - we got you!

Our Real Estate Professionals specialize in getting your home ready to list. We know that your home is more than just four walls and a roof. It is a special place and we take great pride in you choosing us with this most important task.

  We will take great care, and help you every step of the way.

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Some Terms To Know

Closing – The final steps in the transfer of property ownership. On the Closing Date, as specified by the sales agreement, the buyer inspects and signs all the documents relating to the transaction and the final disbursements are paid. Also referred to as the Settlement.
Closing Costs – The costs to complete a real estate transaction in addition to the price of the home, to include: points, taxes, title insurance, appraisal fees, and legal fees.
Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) – A real estate professional prepared document, typically included in a listing presentation to a prospective seller, designed to help the seller set a strategic asking price for their home.
Contingency A clause in the purchase contract that describes certain conditions that must be met and agreed upon by both buyer and seller before the contract is binding.
Counter-offer – An offer, made in response to a previous offer, that rejects all or part of it while enabling negotiations to continue towards a mutually-acceptable sales contract.
Down Payment – The money paid by the buyer to the lender at the time of the closing. The amount is the difference between the sales price and the mortgage loan. Requirements vary by loan type. Smaller down payments, less than 20%, usually requires mortgage insurance.
Listing Presentation – A presentation given by a real estate professional to a prospective home seller in hopes that the seller will allow the realtor to represent their interests throughout the sales process.
Market Value – The amount a willing buyer would pay a willing seller for a home. An appraised value is an estimate of the current fair market value
Purchase Offer – A detailed, written document which makes an offer to purchase a property, and which may be amended several times in the process of negotiations.
Title Search – A historical review of all legal documents relating to ownership of a property to determine if there have been any flaws in prior transfers of ownership or if there are any claims or encumbrances on the title to the property.


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